Effortless Insights. Accelerated Results. Objective Recruiting.

Saving time and effort with industry expertise for your Project Management Roles.

Quantified Results for Easy Comparisons

Role applicant data table comparisons to search, filter, sort and define your own vacancy criteria.

Comprehensive Data Point Records

Compare and search across keywords, locations, languages, certifications, skills, competencies, job history - and much more!

Standard Formats for Integrations

Data Tables presented in Microsoft Excel for easy integration to existing recruitment systems or ATS.

TalentOcean Analytics provide in-depth, quantified data insights for your vacancy applicants, through TalentOcean Insights. Using a standard data table format (Microsoft Excel), applicants details are listed across multiple data points, for your to search, filter, sort and find exactly who you are looking for;

  • Personal Details: Contact Details, LinkedIn, Industry, Visas, Security Clearances, Availability, Location, Languages, etc.
  • Certifications and Qualifications: Project and Program Management Accreditations, etc.
  • Job History: Last 3 Roles, including Start Date, Title, Average Project Length, Number of Staff Managed, Methodology, Reporting Structure, Job Description, etc.
  • Skills and Competencies: 22 Quantified Soft, Professional and Practical Skills.
  • Pre-Qualifying Questions: Get to know more about the individual with an About Me section and responses to 5 typical pre-selection interview questions.

As a combined service, TalentOcean Insights and TalentOcean Analytics are designed to help decision makers save time and resources in their hiring processes. Rather than spending hours sifting through resumes and conducting numerous interviews, our service provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of each candidate's abilities, allowing decision makers to quickly identify the top candidates for the role.

We are always committed to providing high-quality service to our clients. Our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions and provide support throughout the process. We believe in our service, and we are confident that you will too!

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TalentOcean Insights

With a compact design - our Insights highlight professional experience and skills appraisals with industry-expert feedback making it a breeze for you to conduct your recruitment efforts with confidence.

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Devised by subject matter experts - Roles provide a vacancy posting service which reflect the skills and competencies required for project management roles, supercharging your recruitment efforts.