Driving Business and Personal Excellence with Professional Services

ConnectingPM is a service company which provides platforms, solutions and services to both businesses and professional individuals. We are the creators of TalentOcean – a platform that utilizes skills-based techniques to help companies revolutionize their recruitment processes with assessments and insights that also objectively facilitate professional development.

ConnectingPM also offers a range of services, including:

  • Consulting services in recruitment and professional development, project and program management, and digital transformation.
  • Personal Coaching services supporting project / program management and digital transformation management to help individuals reach their professional goals.
  • Masterclasses, led by seasoned industry experts, to learn from real-life scenarios, practical applications, and community discussion forums.

Heather Gates: I am the founder and CEO of ConnectingPM, a women- and minority-owned company specializing in transforming business operations from the perspective of technologies, project and program management. Supported by a diverse team of global IT talent, industry experience, and process knowledge – I am committed to supporting individual and business excellence.

Heather Gates

I have developed a platform called TalentOcean to streamline and integrate industry-expertise into recruitment process for businesses looking to fill IT project and program management vacancies. TalentOcean also provides free skills-based appraisals for job seekers and matches their assessment results against the interpersonal skills and professional competencies that are critical to a role – enabling decision makers to qualify job applicants objectively and unbiasedly.
If you're interested in learning more about our services, please don't hesitate to email me at info@connectingpm.com.

Our mission is to demonstrate, drive and support both individual and business excellence. By combining decades of experience in service operations, delivery and transformations – we provide professional services optimizing business processes and professional development.

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